DIY – How to Do Unique Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair is French termed feature of hair in which roots of the hair are given the natural colors and its colors are gradually becoming less dark at the ends. Various Hollywood celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Hudson and Raven Symone, adopt this trend of hair to enhance their personalities. This coloring of hair got much popularity when pop singer Nickie Minaj started this trend of hair. If you like this hair trend and want to adopt this trend then you will take into consideration four easy and excellent kinds to make them chic and attractive.

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How to Do Ombre Hair Color at Home:

1 – In the first step, if you want to make your hair dark brunette or make them blonde, which will look natural and attractive, you should use dark color in the roots. Most of the women like to use their dark hues in hair with ombre color. Some women like to make small parts of the hair in blonde at the roots of the hair and rest of the hair left with light hues. During the dying process, you can use blonde hair color at the ends and give them dark color at their roots, which has been adopted by various celebrities.

2 – In the next step, you should find the right kind of hair dye. First treat your hair with the lightening treatment, if you have already applied dark brown or black colors in your hair. You can also get the help of the salon to strip off your hair. You can make your black color into platinum blonde, which will give you attractive appearance. This color contains durable chemicals so it will not be allergic for you. Apply dark color at the roots of the hair and give them light colors gradually till to the tips of the hair. The women can also use the dark brown color in the roots instead of using black color.

3 – In the next process, you will have to dye your hair. You should apply the serum, which will make your hair light and leave this serum in your hair for about 30 minutes so that it can rinse in your hair and give attractive color of copper or brassy tone or hue. As the roots of the hair are near to the scalp, so the lightning process becomes quick and you will have to prevent this quick color changing. You should keep in mind that you should not leave your hair till 90 minutes.

After passing of 30 minutes, you should apply the lightening creme in the root of the hair along with serum of dark color on the ends of the hair. Then you leave the hair to dry for about 40 minutes and after it, wash your hair. You should use fine quality shampoo to wash your hair and apply conditioner also. The women, who want to make their hair light brown, they can use the medium brown colors in their hair roots. Then make different parts of their heads and apply the whole color in their hair. After 30 minutes of coloring the hair, you can wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and you will see that there is great shining in your hair.

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