Shag Hairstyles

The shag hairstyles are introduced for people having thick hairs to give them stylish and trendy look. Although this hairstyle is quite inexpensive to adopt and easy to maintain but still it is not suitable for people having thin hairs. Some women are conscious of shag for its less feminine look and increased hair loss from cutting and trimming. Not only this hairstyle is handy and carefree for a working woman and teenagers but can give you a breathtaking look while going for any party by applying lots of gel. It saves time and effort of styling your hairs yet requiring frequent washing for the oils which come out of hairs. This hairstyle also requires lots of time to grow out and frequent trimming to keep the actual style in its original shape. Messy waves and color highlights can make the shag more attractive and eye catching while twisted layers is more playful idea. Big loose or short tight curls are meant to give both body and bounce to shag. Whatever the style is, the shag can be worn with elegance when you introduce your personal ideas and innovative thoughts to it. The shag hairstyles vary on the basis of length and style of hairs:


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  • Short Shag Hairstyles:

Short shags represent a dominant and confident look. It consists of lots of layers and waves from front to cover the face frame while less trimming from back to ensure uniform shape and volume. You can decorate your shag with highlights and streaks to create a bold impression and can renovate your look with hair accessories. While going for any type of short haircut, one thing must be kept in mind about the growth and maintenance of hairs. Well maintained shag requires frequent trimming after 6 to 8 weeks. They offer limited styling options and best for angular faces.


  • Medium Shag Hairstyles:

You personal preference will identify the volume and amount of layers you want to have with your medium or shoulder hairstyle. The thick textured hairs must go for few layers while thin hairs must be given lots of layers to add volume. The medium shag is common among singers and rockers with razor cutting edges adding to the funky appearance. This hairstyle is ideal for number of styling options as curls, twists, layers, steps, bangs and fringes. You can equally create a messy or sleek hair look by using hair styling products and equipments.

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  • Long Shag Hairstyles:

Long shag is often cut with very less amount of layers with the outermost to be longest for smooth and natural flow. They can get tangled easily so hard to manage without styling gel or creams. The long hair length offer high number of options from styling in braids and buns to trimming away in short length. Long shag will best compliment your round face shape by balancing and centering your face. It requires less trimming but proper washing and conditioning with hairsprays and hair products. Women having fine hairs should avoid shag as it looks messy and care free look.

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  • Caring for Shag Hairstyles:

The shag hairstyles is the most demanding cutting which require regular trimming and styling to stay trendy and eye catching. The hairs must be washed with high quality shampoo and the layers and bangs can be kept tangled free with hairs sprays and dryers. You can personalize your shag according to your face shape and hair texture into buns, ponytails and braids. You can use your fingers or blow dryer to maintain the natural hair waves with shaggy cut. Styling gel is best for formal while mouse is best for casual look.