Hairstyle for Men 2013

The hair industry introduces hair trends after a long period of time so that one hairstyle can stay over two to three years. The year 2013 is for increased volume and texture in hairstyles for looking decent and appealing. The ideal hairstyle suits the face and hair texture at its best and speaks self confidence and satisfaction. The hairstyle must not only match the individual personality but also his wardrobe according to the formal or informal events. The men must give prior importance to using high quality shampoo, dyes and pomades to keep the hairstyle stay for longer time. Your stylist will identify the right hairstyle depending on hair type and lifestyle needs. This year you can stylize your short or long hairs into messy or sleek looks according to your personality. The side shaved, slick, messy, funky hairstyles are in fashion with added highlight or low lights of blonde and red shades. Classic cuttings can also be adopted with elegance with inspiration from 90’s.


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  • Hairstyle for Men with Side Shaved Look:

Making you hot and attractive, the side shaved trend has overcome the last few months and will remain trendy for coming year 2013. The degree of length is kept increased from center while back and sides are shaved to add volume to the center. The messy look can be created with styling products for any formal or informal events. The hairstyle beauty can be enhanced by adding blonde and dark blonde shades for handsome boys having fair complexion. You can give right or left or center direction to your hairs to change your look with your wardrobe.


  • Hairstyle for Men 2013 with Slick Look:

This year the slick side parting will be back for adding internal length and formal look while long and textured hairstyles will rule the coming summer and spring season. The hair styling products as pomades, gels and high gloss serums will be used more to define the classic cutting and round edged. The length of hairs will be kept longer from front to pull them back while the neck and sides will be short. You can shape the back hairs into a crown or tapered look as per your choice. You can go for scalp exposure or scalp coverage depending on your head proportion.

  • Hairstyle for Men 2013 with No Slick Look:

This hairstyle will consist of clean and tidy edges with high degree of length from front, back or sides as per your individuality. Your stylist can add a glimpse of color to hairs from tips towards the front adding more texture and character to your personality. The color can stay for longer and don’t fade away with the growth from roots. The hairs can be messed up with fingers from front or sides and sprayed with high quality products to stand with time. A vent brush and dust is also perfect for giving your hairs the direction and durable hold.

  • Hairstyle for Men 2013 with Bob and Pixie Cut:



The year 2013 is about creativity and experiments when it comes to men hairstyle. Bob cut is getting increased fame with red and blonde colors add to your individuality and powerful expression. With lot of layers and fringes, you can create spiky and funky look or tapered look with short or long bob cutting. The face length bob is best for men with round faces while long bob covers the long or wide faces enhancing the features and looks. The men having sleek smooth hairs must allow the pixie cut to surround the face area and cover the forehead perfect for teenagers.