Chic and Edgy Short Hairstyles for Women

The perfect hairstyle for any woman depends on her age, face shape, hair texture and her stylist decision. Going for a short hairstyle not only gives you a new trendy look but also helps you to manage your hairs easily and quickly in any direction. The short hairs keep you cool and light during summers and grab the attention of others easily. They save you both cost and time when it comes to using the hair styling products. A woman must go for shorter hairs if she is experiencing hair damage thus getting more healthier hairs.. They are considered to look stronger and healthier being close to the roots. But sometimes short hairs can put you in difficulty of styling when you don’t get enough time to wash them. Not only they provide less styling options but often fail to give a feminine look. They take a long time to grow out in a healthier way and remain specific for oval shaped faces only. Here are few short hairstyles you can adopt according to your face shape and hair type:


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  • Short Hairstyles for Women with Bob Cut:

Being one of the most edgy and stylish haircuts, the bob has never been out of fashion in any season. This hairstyle suits almost every woman with any face shape or hair texture except those having extremely curly hairs. The chin length bob can appear and grow great with straight and fizzy hairs equally into a long bob adding to the beauty and style. This hairstyle highlights your face feature and bone structure as a centre of attention for others. The bob needs careful attention and investment when it comes to trimming and styling with shampoos and hair products.


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  • Short Hairstyles for Women with Pixie Cut:

The pixie cut is high in fashion among all other short hairstyles of women this year. This haircut suits the women best having oval face with smooth or spiky hair texture. The small or long pixie makes you feel liberating and amusing and leaves great impression on others. It requires just few minutes to wash and style your hairs with a pixie cut. Depending on the hair growth and your decision of keeping this hairstyle, proper cutting and maintenance is required every six to eight weeks. Again this hairstyle demands frequent hair wash and offer less options to play with your hairs.


  • Short Hairstyles for Women with Layers Cut:

This year the short layers hairstyle is offering a unique and fresh look for upcoming summer season. Being highly functional and easy to manage, this haircut is best choice of celebrities and working women. You can have layers in various steps or a long layer at front and low layers from back depending on your choice. Bold and gold hair colors for layered cutting make your look more stylish and sleek. You can define your face shape with a razor cut layering by washing and blow drying after applying pomade and gels. You can have short or long bangs in layers.


  • Short Hairstyles for Women with Buzz Cut:

Buzz cut has been a popular men’s hairstyle but most of the women are adopting this hairstyle for more eye catching appearance. Having no or low styling and maintenance, this hairstyle cannot suit every woman with any face type. The buzz cut is ideal for the individuals having proportioned head and defined facial features. You can also highlight your face with short sleek buzz cut and bold hair colors as gold and browns. This style gives you sexy and seductive look among others.